For what?

Mom’s hand~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why did you call someone who wasn’t there when you needed it and then later became independent? Why? Why? Why?
You miss your daughter now??!?!????????????????????????????????????????????????????

20 years ago, when I was 13 and my brother was 16 years old, my father died suddenly in a car accident, and he worked so hard to teach me how to study.
After 17 years of stay-at-home mom until my father passed away, she cleaned part-time buildings and even cleaned the nightclub early in the morning to support me and my brother.
So if my brother or mother says so, he or she will die. I could’ve left my children to live alone, but I didn’t have to go out to enjoy the rich movie. I feel sorry for my mother’s good years.
You don’t think you’ve ever wanted to see her? There were a few times. But will a man in a remarried family love his children like his own? I thought about it and the answer was no. (Tell me later that you and I are over 30.)
Now, my brother and I earn more than 300 won a month, so we’ll pay for the hospital bills and do it happily if we want to go on a trip abroad. So you can do whatever you want before you get older.
I think it’s a blessing.
Your mother pretended not to know when she was looking for a mother, but now why did you find her? For what?

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