regular basis and take care of course.

And your real dad is alive. What are you going to bring? Are you or your parents responsible for raising you to college? If you bring her here, you’ll marry her later, and she’ll throw it at her parents, and they’ll tell her to take her back to her dad because she’s old and having a hard time. You should at least be over thirty when you’re sure you’re not getting married.
Don’t you doubt that you’re leaving her to your aunt’s house? You’ll know when you raise your child, but you won’t leave your aunt’s house. And most families are together, and there’s nothing to leave behind.
I’m against it. It’s just this side of the story, not sure if the child is being abused or not. On the other hand, if my brother-in-law dies and my sister starts anew, and the other SNS says she doesn’t have an eye photo, and the city wants to take her, I’ll just let her go. It’s impossible because you’re in custody, and you’re on good terms, so first, you should ask them to see you on a regular basis and take care of course.

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